Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Caroline

My baby girl turned 4 years old today. I can't believe it! Andy and his dad planned a fishing trip for today, so we took advantage and all headed to Dallas for the weekend. Caroline's birthday festivities began on Saturday. Aunt Jenny ordered her a princess cake for the big party.

The kids had their party hats on and were ready for some fun.

Caroline was so proud while everyone was singing Happy Birthday to her. She has really been looking forward to her party. Time to blow out the candles...

She had plenty of help opening her presents.

Kayla was so excited about the present she picked out for Caroline. She decided several months ago that she wanted to get her some roller skates. She and I went to the store and she picked them out herself. Caroline was fine looking at them in the package, but the thought of putting them on was a completely different story.

Things did not get any better when we took her outside.

Sunday was the big day. Caroline has been asking me every day for about 2 months if she was 4 yet. The first thing she told Nanny this morning was the she was 4 years old. She was so excited.

We had a big day planned. Nanny was taking everyone to the American Girl store. I don't think Caroline really understood where we were going, but her sister was very excited. We had to take some pictures before we left for the store.

They are all so cute!

Here is a pic of me with my 2 beautiful girls.

Here is nanny with all of her grandkids (Kayla, Caroline, Caleb, Carter, and Brenner).

And here is the 4 year old. What a big girl!

We had reservations at the Bistro for lunch. The boys were great sports. Steve was umpiring so they got to come with us. Here is nanny with some of her babies ready to go to lunch.

We waited outside for a few minutes until the store opened. Caroline was excited about her birthday lunch. She had on her party dress that matched her babies. She also wore her birthday tiara all day.

Her eyes lit up the minute we walked in the store. She finally realized this is where she could get some things for her babies. She got a Bitty Baby a couple of years ago, and she got Bitty Twins for Christmas. She loves her babies, and she really loves to match her babies.

Everyone took their seats for lunch. The dolls get their own seats with a plate and cup. The kids had a great time giving the dolls a drink.

Even Brenner enjoyed his first American Girl dining experience.

Happy Birthday sweet Caroline!

This should make Aunt Jenny proud. Look at all of those shopping bags!

After lunch and shopping it was time to meet back up with Andy and Papa. They had a great time on their fishing trip, and maybe even more fun just knowing they did not have to go to the American Girl store!

It was a great birthday weekend for Caroline. Thanks Nanny and Papa for everything. I just can't believe that my baby is 4. She is growing up so fast, and in Caroline's words it is "breaking my heart." Just don't get me started on the fact that she will be in full day pre-k in the fall...

Happy Birthday Princess Caroline!!!!!


darlene said...

No one had more fun that Papa and Nanny. It was a wonderful weekend with everyone.

Jenny, thanks for letting us make your house "home base".

Jenny said...

So much fun! Emily, you are so fast getting your photos up! Caroline is the cutest princess! So happy to celebrate her! So happy to have all of you at our house- anytime! The boys enjoy hanging with their cousins so much. It's nonstop excitement around here when they're all together!

Sheila said...

We will be starting pre-k in the fall too! Do you think they will have a support group for us mommy's? It is SO sad!!!

Aunt Kathryn said...

Loved the pics of the family. Looks like ya'll had a great time. Happy Birthday Caroline!