Monday, May 3, 2010

Piano Recital

We had a really busy weekend. Kayla had solo rehearsal, munchkin practice, 2 birthday parties, a dance rehearsal, a mother daughter luncheon (fundraiser), and a piano recital over the weekend. It was nuts. I got really frustrated at Kayla's piano teacher. The weekend was pretty much scheduled out to the minute, and then I found out she told us the wrong day for the recital. She sent a note home asking if Sunday would work with our schedule. Then I never heard anything else about it. I had Andy ask her about it when he picked Kayla up from her lesson on Wednesday. Thank goodness he asked. The recital was on Saturday...not Sunday. But it all worked out.

Kayla first played a duet with her teacher. Here is part of the song. About halfway through the song the memory card on my camera was full. While the other kids were playing I was frantically deleting things from my camera before her solo.

Kayla also got to play her solo. She did a good job. I was really proud of her.

I love the high 5 with her friend at the end.

Here is Kayla with my dad and Sue. My mom was also there, but she got away before I could get a picture of her and Kayla. Caroline was with us this year. She was well behaved, but not what I would call still.

This is Kayla's teacher. She is a beautiful pianist and a wonderful teacher. I really feel that Kayla has learned a lot and made good progress in the time she has been taking lessons.

There is a small reception after the performances with cookies and punch.

Kayla will continue piano during the month of May. She will go to Oklahoma City for the State Contest on the 15th. We will finish the month, and then most likely take the summer off. She will really enjoy the break.


darlene said...

Great job, Kayla.

Em -- thanks for posting the pics and video clips. I miss being there for these events so getting to see and hear about them is the next best thing. :-)

Jenny said...

Yeah for video clips! She did a great job! Wonderful dynamics! Articulate fingers! Way to go! That's my girl!!

Sheila said...

What a great job! I took piano lessons FOREVER! Like 14 years!!!

Brandy said...

wow - way to go kayla! and what a busy bee. i bet a summer break is just what the dr ordered

Aunt Kathryn said...

Thank you for the video. I am SO very impressed. Beautiful performance Kayla!

Amy and Steve said...

Wow, that was awesome Kayla!! Thanks for the video clip Em!!