Monday, May 3, 2010

My Baby

So I had a small meltdown this morning. I just found out that Caroline will be going to all day Pre-K. It is so hard for be to believe that she will be at the "big kid school." She looked at me and said "Well mommy, you are not sad that sissy goes to big kid school." But she is my baby. I can't imagine her being gone all day Monday thru Friday. I really can't picture her eating lunch in the cafeteria. In my mind she is too little to carry her lunch tray! I will be a mess the first day of school. I guess it is a good thing I have some time to adjust to the idea.


Brandy said...

awww. it can't be time yet. she is too little. what are you gonna do with all that free time!?

Sheila said...

oh yes....I feel your pain...I am right there with you! Coby will be starting pre-k next year too! UGH! Why oh why do they have to grow up?

darlene said...

It is hard to believe that she is that grown-up but she is a very capable girl (even if petite) and will do great! You are absolutely correct -- this will be much harder on Mom than Caroline.

Love the picture. :-)