Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Meet the Teacher

We had Meet the Teacher at the school tonight. So hard to believe it is already time for school to start. We went to Caroline's class first. Here she is outside of her classroom. She wanted to look fancy so she brought her purse (which was full of lip gloss).

We put all of her supplies away and found her cubby. The colorful blanket in the bottom of her cubby was actually what Andy used when he was in kindergarten. Kayla used it in kindergarten, and Caroline will use it this year.

Here she is with her teacher, Mrs. Woods. She seems really sweet. I think it is going to be a good year for my little girl. Before she even met her teacher she told me "I got Mrs. Woods, and that's a great thing." I think she is right.

I hope she will sit at her desk longer for her teacher than she did for this picture!

This is Caroline with Mrs. English. She is the aide and we just love her. She was the aide in Kayla's kindergarten class. I was so happy when I walked in and saw her. She is wonderful.

Then it was time to cut through the school and head to Kayla's 3rd grade classroom. We ran into a bunch of her friends in the hall.

Here is Kayla at her desk. This is going to be a different year for her. It just seems like big kid school. Real school. No cute decorations on the wall. All business.

Here she is with her teacher Mrs. Keizor. We requested her, but I did not really know anything about her. She knew who Kayla was when we walked in the room. She is really nice and Kayla is very excited. She has quite a few friends in her class. This picture is kind of blurry, so I may just have to go in with Kayla in the morning to take another one. I wonder when we will get to the age that she does NOT want me walking her to her class on the first day.

After we finished up in Kayla's class we went to the preschool orientation. We ran into Caroline's friend Alex. He is also in pre-k, but he has a different teacher.

Both girls are very excited. Kayla just wanted to walk around the house screaming tonight. She is ready to go back. Caroline is really excited to buy her lunch. They are having popcorn chicken. She informed me that is her favorite. This is the first year for full day preschool. They are going to give the kids snacks around 10:30, and then they will go to lunch at 12:15. The rest of the school will be done with lunch by then. The kids will just sit at the table and someone will bring them their tray. When they are done eating someone will take their trash. They won't have to handle their own tray until the end of the year. I am relieved. I really had a hard time picturing Caroline carrying a lunch tray. It would be all over the floor.

I am sure I will be a mess in the morning. I was a bit of a wreck when we got home tonight. I do know that Caroline is going to have a great time. I can't wait to see how tomorrow goes...for both of my girls.


Jenny said...

Yeah! You're posting again! Love it! Kayla looks excited to be going back. And I can't believe Caroline is going to be in school!! Craziness!

darlene said...

Such cute girls. Every girl needs a fancy purse full of lip gloss.
Love the pics and hearing about you all. Keep up the posts.

Sheila said...

awww - what a sweet post! Did you cry?! Looks like you and I both need to go scrap some 1st day of school pics now!