Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Last Day of Summer Vacation

This is it. The last day of summer vacation for both of my girls. Tomorrow morning Kayla will be heading of for her first day of 3rd grade, and Caroline will be starting her first day of "big girl school." This is our last morning to lounge around in pajamas while watching TV.

Everyone is excited. Kayla is getting bored and is ready to get back to school. Caroline does not really know what she is getting into. She knows her teacher's name, and she peeked in the window of her class yesterday and could see her name on her cubby. It is just hard for me to believe she is going to school all day. Kayla was almost 5 when she started pre-k. She only went to school M-Th from 8:30-11. Caroline will be there M-F from 8:30-3. It is going to be an interesting day tomorrow.


Brandy said...

good luck to the girls! i can't believe caroline goes ALL day in pre-k. crazy

Sheila said...

Don't cry momma! I KNOW you are going too! And take LOT'S of pics for us to see! :)
Coby is LOVING pre-k, but OH SO sleepy! (he doesn't get naps anymore!) He falls asleep on the way home EVERYDAY!

darlene said...

Precious girls. Tomorrow will be an exciting day (and stressful for Mommy) but everyone will survive and thrive. :-)