Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Backstage Experience

Tonight was my night to be chaperone. It was so much fun getting to see this side of the show.

Here are the girls waiting to go backstage

They all have a certain spot at the table assigned to them. Kayla is "Lullaby 2". Their shoes are under their chair, their hats are on the table, and their munchkin outfit is on the back of their chair.

Here is Kayla at her spot

Once it is 30 minutes to curtain they can start getting dressed. Kayla's costume consists of several layers. They are all pretty heavy. The costumes were already assigned to them before they got there based off some measurements we had sent in. It also depends on the part they are playing. There are 2 lullaby, 2 lollipop, 4 band memebers, and 4 officials. Kayla was so excited to be a lullaby because they get to wear a dress.

They first put on their beautiful socks

Then it is the first layer of her dress.

Time for the next layer
When the hair people arrive, the kids have to get in their seats and wait their turn. It does not matter if they are finished getting dressed or not.

Here is Kayla waiting her turn

Wardrobe continues working on them

Now it is time for hair

The hat is the final touch

Another adjustment from wardrobe

Ready for showtime!

Here is the entire outfit. Check out those shoes!

Katie (the other lullaby) and Kayla

The 2 chaperones with the munchkins
The munchkin wranger was who rehearsed the girls yesterday. Before showtime tonight she came for a visit. Here she is going over some notes regarding changes/corrections that needed to be made in show tonight
The Wizard of Oz comes by every show to visit with the girls. He just spends some time with them talking about life in the theater. Tonight it was all about how to get a job like his.

During the second act the girls are Winkies. They are not on stage very much in these outfits. Here is wardrobe helping Kayla into her costume.

Kayla, Landry, and Brooklyn

The happy Winkies

The Winkies in character

I think she is the cutest Winkie of all
Here are the girls with their wardrobe lady, Annie. She is super nice. She works for the PAC in Tulsa, so it was really fun talking to her about some of the other shows that have been there. She does a wonderful job helping the kids. She is with them every show.
One show backstage was enough for me. I am looking forward to watching the show from the audience again tomorrow!


darlene said...

How wonderful that you got to experience backstage on night 2 after seeing opening night.

This is a wonderful opportunity for Kayla and her mom. :-)

Love the pictures -- Kayle is the cutest munchkin and winkie!

Brandy said...

that's just so awesome! I bet she feels like quite the star

Aunt Kathryn said...

What a memory for Kayla and all the family. Sad we cant be there but we know Kayla will do great. This munchkin is too cute!

Randi said...

Just visiting from Aunt Jenny's blog. :) What an incredible experience ... I can't imagine how exciting it is for all of you.