Wednesday, June 16, 2010

TV Appearances

It is just after 7 in the morning, and I am sitting here waiting to see my little girl on the morning news. Kayla probably got to bed around 11:30 last night. I felt really bad having to wake her up at 5:30 this morning. We had to meet at the dance studio bright and early this morning for the first TV appearance for the munchkins.

Nothing like a healthy breakfast of a pop-tart and a glass of milk to start the day off right.

These are the shirts that the girls were given when they won the audition. It says "I was a Munchkin in the National Tour of The Wizard of Oz."

They are ready to go!

I wanted a group photo, but they left in a big hurry to get to the station on time. I did not get a chance. They are going to be on Channel 6 at 7:15, and then on Channel 8 at 9:00. Watch if you can! For those that don't live here, I am recording it and one of the moms is putting it on a DVD.

Way to go Munchkins!!!


darlene said...

She's young and will handle late nights and early morning better than her parents. What an exciting time at your house. :-)

Brandy said...

yay - they did so good! and look so cute with their crazy socks