Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cast Party

The girls did a fantastic job tonight. We did get to watch their final rehearsal and I will try to blog about that later.

They got invited to a cast party after the opening show. Before we walked into the party the girls were asked for some autographs. That was so much fun for them.

Then it was off to the party. There were a lot of cast members there. Here is Kayla with the girs who plays Dorothy. She is so young!

Kayla with the lion.
Kayla and a fellow munchkin (Brooklyn) with Glenda.

Kayla and the wicked witch.

Kayla and the scarecrow.

And the powerful Wizard of Oz.

We talked to him before the show. He told us that our girls were going to tell us that some old man kept coming in their dressing room. He spent quite a bit of time with them tonight teaching them all about theater. He is super nice. Kayla thinks it is pretty cool that she is going to be able to say that she really knows the Wizard of Oz.

Here is Kayla with her dance teacher, Ms. Rachel.

We are so very proud of our munchkin. They looked like pros up on that stage tonight.


darlene said...

How cool is this? Love the pics. I'm so glad you all did the opening night routine. This is a "once in a lifetime" experience.
can't wait to see you all on Friday.

Jenny said...

How fun! Can't wait to see her on stage!

Brandy said...

great pictures. Kayla totally has her posed smile down for when she's famous