Sunday, June 6, 2010


My little Caroline has a big imagination. She spent ALL day talking about her old family. A few times she even cried (real tears) because she misses them so much. She has created an entire past for herself. She has an older brother that is 5. She calls him PepPep. She has an older sister who is 18. She just calls her sister. They live in a 2 story house in the woods by Aunt Jenny in Texas. The living room is downstairs. It is a really nice living room with no crumbs because they don't eat anything in there. However, the table is horrible. When you go upstairs her brother's room is to the left, her sister's room is to the right, and her room is straight ahead. They have a bathroom that has flowers on the wall. Caroline's toothbrush is pink to match her bed, her sister's is purple to match her bed, and her brother's is blue to match his bed. She has a dog and a cat. They are both named Suzie.

There are no animals in the woods. No bears and no rabbits. She asked tonight if her old family was almost here. They are coming to pick her up. She did say we could come and spend the night. She already told us where we would each be able to sleep.

It is amazing how serious she is when she talks about her old family. We are her new family. It is as if she really believes it. Andy is slightly concerned. It is crazy! She just goes on and on about them, and she really gets sad because they are not here.

I am pretty sure that there are a bunch of details that I am leaving out. This is all I can remember right now. I wanted to type this up before I forgot. Her creative side is coming out!

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Brandy said...

awww. poor caroline. she misses them so much. lol