Thursday, May 12, 2011

Week 18 (May 1-May7)

 The work on the house continues.  I am beginning to wonder if it will EVER end.  We hired a guy to paint the inside of the house.  We chose the color from a facebook poll Andy's sister did.  She asked her facebook friends what their favorite Sherwin Williams paint color was for a neutral family room.  She had many friends that all chose the same color...latte.  We tried it and one other color, and decided to go with latte.  I love the color.

Over the weekend, Andy and his dad got the pod filled up.  On May 6th we got the pod taken away.

  On May 1st Kayla had her piano recital.  I am so pleased with all that she has learned.  Here is a picture of Kayla with my mom.

 Kayla with her teacher
 Kayla with my dad and Sue

And what would a week be without a dance competition.  We went to our last competition of the season.  I am worn out!  Kayla did a great job.  She got platinum (the highest trophy), high score for her category, and 3rd place overall out of all of the 9-10 year olds.

Kayla with her dance teacher, Ms. Rachel
 The 9-12 year old competition kids
This is Kayla with her Grandma Sue.  She was able to make it to this competition.  She is really Kayla's solo teacher.  Rachel makes up the dance, and then Sue works with Kayla every week.  She has spent a TON of time with Kayla working on this dance.  She has helped Kayla really improve this year.  I am so thankful for all that she does.
We had to leave our house at about 6:30 in the morning on the day of contest.  Kayla competed with her solo, and also tap, hip hop, and lyrical.  All of those group numbers got High Gold trophies.  By the end of the day I am not the only one who is worn out.  This is Kayla at the end of the competition day.  It is a really long day!  We got home at about 8 pm.

And I just think this is funny.  The girls were fighting and not being very nice to each other.  They got to sit and hold hands for about five minutes.  They both loved it.

And now I am caught up!  Yay!!!!


Brandy@YDK said...

ha - love that last picture.

the latte looks really pretty!

Sheila said...

The latte color looks GREAT!
And that last pic - LOVE IT!!!

darlene said...

What a busy time you all have had. Kayla is very talented and quite the over-achiever

Love the pictures of the girls holding hands.