Thursday, May 26, 2011

Week 19 (May 8-14)

I can't seem to stay up to date on the blog.  Life has been unusually crazy lately.  More on the house:  We were moving a cabinet back into the bathroom and it fell over into the window.  That is not good.  So, along with everything else we got to get a new window.

 The handyman came and put up a laminate backsplash in the kitchen.  It is not tile, but I think it looks great.

 Fiday was Caroline's Fun Day at school.  They had a bunch of little bounce houses for them.  They had a great time, but it was freezing outside!

 She was line leader on that particular day.  She was extremely proud!

Ater they finished jumping it was time for a picnic lunch.

And it is never too cold for a snow cone.


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