Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cousin Time

Nanny and Papa brought Caleb and Carter with them to Oklahoma for the weekend. This is the first of several birthday celebrations for Kayla. I can't believe my baby girl is almost 7! The kids had a great time playing together. They spent a lot of time playing outside and making crafts for Nanny to take home with her.

We put the kids to work right away cleaning up the yard. We figured that we might as well make use of all of the extra hands! They actually started this on their own. They built the pile up in the afternoon...

...and took turns jumping in it that night. I wish I had recorded all of the laughter that was coming from our yard both Friday and Saturday night. They had a great time running around in the dark.We had a little birthday celebration Saturday afternoon. Kayla got new bedding from Nanny and Papa. She got some really cute butterfly earrings from Aunt Jenny, Uncle Steve, and the boys. She will be able to put them in November 1.

Kayla chose to celebrate her cousin birthday at Incredible Pizza. They played a round of miniature golf.

Caroline did not actually play, but she carried her ball and putter the entire time.We had a lot of fun racing go-carts.

Kayla won the go-cart race. I am sure it had nothing to do with me kindly reminding Andy that I had his daughter in my go-cart and we were there for her birthday celebration. I am pretty sure we would have passed him anyway!
Thanks to Nanny and Papa for making the trip up here. Thanks to Aunt Jenny for sending her boys. I know it was rough for her being home all weekend with no kids. Kayla really enjoyed her weekend.


darlene said...

No one had more fun that Papa and Nanny. It was great fun. Thanks for letting us invade your home for a weekend. :-)

Jenny James said...

So fun! The boys had a great time! Carter told me he wished "Oklahoma could come here." I'm thinking he's meaning that he wants his aunt/uncle/cousins and the blue building to move here. He's already told me next time he is going to play putt putt and race the cars really fast. So, yes, I think they had lots of fun!

sunni said...

Happy Birthday Kayla!