Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Greatest Show on Earth

I had thought about doing this, but changed my mind. After reading Darlene's comment this is the summary of our day:

Tickets - $198
Programs - $30
Chicken and Water - $16
Popcorn - $7
Sno-cones - $27
Great Birthday Memories - Priceless

We have finally finished celebrating Kayla's birthday. We took her and Libby to the circus last Saturday. They had no idea where we were going until we got there. They finally guessed it and were both very excited.

I am not used to having to buy 2 of everything. Before we even walked in the door it cost us $30 for 2 programs.
We went to the pre-show. We got to go down on the floor and watch some performances and get autographs in the program from the performers. Good thing we splurged for the programs!
We had great seats for the show. We were in the front row so the girls had unobstructed views of the entire show. We were within a few feet of many of the acts.
We got to buy 3 sno-cones. I could not come home without a clown cup for Caroline. Did I forget to mention those were $9? Each.

Here is one of the video clips I took.

We all had a wonderful day. The girls spent the entire car ride home looking through the programs at the signatures that they got and the acts that they saw. The day was worth every penny. And Kayla FINALLY feels like she had a party. This was fun, but I think we will go back to BounceU next year.


darlene said...

Outings are expensive but great fun and wonderful memory makers. You can make an ad:
$?? for tickets
$30 for programs
$9 for snow cones
birthday memory - priceless

So glad you did it and know that Kayla is too.

Brandy said...

This really makes me want to go to the circus. I'm sure it won't be long before I'm spending ridiculous amounts of money. lol.