Saturday, October 18, 2008

Slumber Party

Kayla and Libby were invited to their first slumber party at their friend Megan's house. This is a very brave mother. She invited 24 six and seven year old girls. I can't imagine. Both girls were extremely excited. They were counting down the hours all afternoon until it was time to go.

I am sure the mother was thankful that not everyone showed up. Here are all of the girls when I dropped Kayla off.

They had a blast. It was constant running and screaming while I was there last night. This morning, they were all more mellow. Megan's mother said they were up until 3 am. Kayla actually came home and took a nap! It was a great first slumber party!

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darlene said...

So glad she had fun. Slumber parties are great when they are at someone else's house.