Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas continued

Part 3: Trip to Waco

****Check Jenny's blog for more details and pics of our time in Waco. Steve stayed up-to-date on their blog:

Andy was not able to leave for Waco on Saturday because of work. Jim was nice enough to fly to Tulsa so he could drive to Waco with me and the girls. I was not up for a 6 or 7 hour car ride with the two of them by myself. We arrived in Waco Saturday evening and the fun began.

You can't go to Waco without smores and a dip in the hot tub. OK - I can survive without the hot tub, but that is quality swimming time for the kids.

Christmas #1: Sunday morning we had Christmas with Andy's parents, Jenny, Steve, Caleb and Carter.

Caroline got a stuffed dog that looked like Elfy. She immediately ran into to show Elfy. "Look Elfy. That's you!" It was really cute.
Kayla with her new necklace from Aunt Jenny.

The kids all got digital cameras from Nanny and Papa. Caroline got a CD player which she already knows how to operate. The kids had a great time with the cameras. It is really neat seeing the world from the perspective of a seven year old.

Both of the girls got a lot of clothes for their American Girl Dolls. Here they are with pajamas that match each of their dolls.

Christmas #2: Monday night we had Christmas with Mamaw and Papaw. This is Darlene's side of the family.

This is Mamaw and Papaw with the grandkids and great grandkids.
(Just imagine Andy is in the picture.)

Caroline had a blast with her new blanket and the static in her hair.

Caroline and Mamaw

Caroline and Aunt Karen (Darlene's sister)

Christmas #3: Tuesday we had Christmas with Granny. This is Jim's side of the family.

Here are some of the youngest of Andy's cousins kids. They are not yet old enough to be playing football in the annual Cloverland Bowl.

Kayla loves playing with Caleb and Carter when we are in Waco. But I think a real highlight for her is getting to sit at the table with all of the girls for Christmas dinner.

Caroline and Granny

Santa has walked in the room. Caroline is checking him out. The big girls are trying to figure out who it is this year.

Caroline is really not sure about him. Notice her hand in Kayla's lap.

Seeking comfort from her big sister.

She moved on to more secure comfort from Aunt Jenny.

I think they finally figured it out...

She sat right on his lap without any problems or crying at all. So grown up!

Kayla came up to me after the visit with Santa and said "That was SO totally Uncle Dan."

Andy was able to fly in Monday night in time to say hello to mamaw and papaw. He got up and had to work on Tuesday morning before he participated in the Cloverland Bowl. Next year I need to make sure he understands that it is flag football, not tackle. He had to work the rest of the day up until the gift exchange at Granny's. By that point his computer was crashing. So, we loaded up the car and left Waco on Monday night at about 9:15. We drove to Denison and spent the night. We got up at 6 the next morning and drove to Tulsa. I took him to the airport to get his truck, and he had to work the rest of the day. He was worn out. Hopefully next year he will be able to enjoy his Christmas break...maybe even have a Christmas break!


darlene said...

We loved spending part of the holidays with you all and agree with the hope that Andy will have more time to play with us next year.

I'm glad you posted pics of father and daughter performances -- next best thing to seeing in person.

Brandy said...

What a mess! i hope that you and the family were able to enjoy themselves even in the chaos.