Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas...a little late

Part 1: Andy's acting debut
Someone from church called and asked Andy to be in the Christmas play. He was the disciple Philip. He enjoyed doing it, but it happened at a really bad time of the year for him. He was swamped at work and he had rehearsals and 4 nights of performances. He made it through. This was our first year to go. The church really puts on a very good production.

Part 2: Kayla's singing debut.

Her school put on a Christmas Song Fest and then her class had their Christmas party. The kids could sign up to sing karaoke at the party. Kayla did not hesitate to sign up. She was very excited about it until the morning of the performance. She did not want to sing in front of her class. I thought it was because she was nervous, but it was because she thought they would laugh at her chapped lips. She did a great performance of "Jolly Old St. Nicholas".

This was before the school song fest.

Talk about sugar overload...candy, cupcakes, cookies, pizza, sprite. A great Christmas party for first graders!

Kayla with two of her best friends, Kaylie and Libby

An introduction by Ms. Walton

It's solo time. She did such a great job!

Before we left for Waco, Andy finally got to see the girls for a few minutes. It was very eventfull. This is what I found when I went in the living room. I think everyone was worn out!

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