Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ringing in 2009

Believe it or not, I still have more Christmas pics to post. I am really behind so I thought I would go ahead with the New Year. The girls were ready for a celebration in their 2009 glasses that Nanny bought them in New York.

We went to the casino with KC, Jennifer, Steve and Annie. KC had a remote with the radio station from 9-11. Here is Andy and Promo Dave (he works at the station) holding down the KMOD table. KC had pre-recorded his stuff, so he was outside listening to his break.

Here are the guys: Andy, KC, and Steve. Steve and KC went to school together and have been friends for a long time. Steve and Annie both live in LA. They usually come visit for the New Year's Celebration. Kayla is a huge fan of Steve. He has been on Hannah Montana and ICarly. She has his autograph and is more than willing to tell people that someone from Hannah Montana slept in her bed. (We had the 2008 celebration at our house. Everyone just slept there while the girls were at my mom's) He will hopefully be on a new series on Disney DX this year!

Here are the girls: Annie, Jen, and me. Annie is FBI Agent Renee Walker on this season of 24. I am pretty sure her life is about to change - is already has!

We actually had a great time at the casino. I think Annie and Steve were the only ones who played any machines. It was just great to be out with other adults. With the kids busy schedules we hardly ever get together. Here is the group:
We all piled in the minivan and headed back to the hotel. The radio station got KC a suite. We went back and played Apples to Apples until 5 am. What a fun game with a group of people.

We all had a great time. The girls both stayed up to ring in the New Year. I think my mom's plan for them was to celebrate New York's New Year, but they were not ready to go to bed!
Happy New Year!


Brandy said...

Wow - looks like y'all had a fantastic time. It's so funny - chris and I actually went to bed early and sober for the first time in forever.

darlene said...

It looks like everyone had fun. Night out with the adults was fun but I know the girls had fun too.