Saturday, January 17, 2009

Finishing Christmas!!!

Part 4: Christmas in Oklahoma

Christmas Eve - We were all finally together Christmas Eve. We attempted to make cookies for Santa. They tasted fine, but they all pretty much lost their shapes. Santa had a platefull of blob shaped cookies! Kayla was not wearing a shirt, so this is the only cookie pic I can post.

Christmas Morning (Christmas #4)- This was the first year Caroline really grasped the idea of opening presents. Both girls had a really good Christmas.

Caroline got a Dora Vanity Table. She has really enjoyed fixing Dora's hair.

It is a good thing Kayla took the catalog to show Santa. He brought her the American Girl doll she really wanted. Here is Kayla with her new friend Ally.

Christmas #5 - When we finished at our house, we headed over to open gifts with my Mom and H.L.

Christmas #6: After my mom's house, we went to Dad and Sue's house for lunch. After all the kids arrived we did a telent show. Kayla played the piano. Caroline kind of sang a song. Then the present opening began. I did more video at my dad's so I don't have any good pics.

It was a great Christmas holiday, but I have to say I am kind of glad it is over!

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darlene said...

Love the pictures. It's never too late for Christmas!