Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Ice Day Fun

Kayla is an arts-and-crafts girl. Give her some free time and a chair, and she will keep herself busy. The chair is not to sit in. She does not do a lot of that. However, it allows her to help herself to the craft stuff. She found something to make cat ears out of. Then she found some Elmers Glue Glitter Paint stuff and a marker. She drew and painted a cat face on herself and then on her sister. Needless to say, the paint stuff is now in the trash. I am not sure what I was doing during all of this, but I would not have let her put that on their faces!

The outfit also had a tail made out of toilet paper, but that did not make it into the picture. Caroline was not to excited about her makeover.

It continued to sleet all day, and this evening it finally started to snow a little. This is our front walkway. The step is completely covered.
There is no school tomorrow, so we will see what fun activities Kayla can come up with!


darlene said...

It might not be fun for mom to clean up but the picures are wonderful. Kayla is very creative and I loved hearing and seeing the activity.

Amy and Steve said...

How funny! At least she can keep herself entertained (at yours and Caroline's expense!!)

Brandy said...

It's a good thing Grayson wasn't able to make it - I'm not sure how he would feel about being glittered up as a cat. lol!