Thursday, June 4, 2009

Caroline's 3 Year Doctor Visit

This picture has nothing to do with this was just a quick picture I could find of Caroline. Anyway, she had her 3 year visit at the doctor today. There were no shots so it was pretty easy. Here are the stats (my favorite part):

Length: 36.5 inches - 45% (Kayla was 38 3/4 inches at 3)

Weight: 24 pounds, 10 ounces - 3% (Kayla was 33 pounds, 4 ounces)

So, the doctor wants us to try to fatten Caroline up a little. We have to go back to 2% milk, more milk every day, more carbs, and fatten up the foods she likes with butter or cheese. He wants to see her again in 6 months for a weight check.

He is not very concerned, but he wants to keep an eye on it. He said someone has to be at the bottom of the charts...why not her. Overall it was a good check-up. And she used the potty twice while we were waiting!


Amy and Steve said...

Don't worry - Caroline will always be our petite one! Every family needs one and it's definately not coming from the Bezner side!

Jenny said...

A thin Gorham??? Wow, there's always a first!

Way to go, Caroline! Keep using the potty!

Brandy said...

oh my - grayson could teach caroline all about fattening up. He almost weighs as much as her.

darlene said...

She is beautiful, healthy and petite. Don't know where it comes from but we love her just like she is. I'll help fatten her up if you bring her to Cloverland. :-)

cv said...

I guess no one wants to remember that she has some Wells in her.