Monday, June 8, 2009

Dance Rehearsal - Caroline's Birthday - Dance Recital

The last weekend in May was a crazy busy weekend for us. Friday night I went and helped my friend Jennifer with her dance recital. Saturday morning was rehearsal day for Kayla. We started her makeup at 8 am. Then it was off to the auditorium to wait.
Then we got to do some more waiting in the dressing room. This makes for a really long day.
Kayla always amazes me at recital. She is never nervous and she knows her dances. She is one of the few that can stay with the music and she is always smiling.
We finished up with rehearsal around 2:00. That gave us a little time to relax before we started all over again at 4:30. Saturday night was Recital Night 1. Kayla was only in tumbling and gymnastics that night so we were not there very long.
Ready for Gymnastics
In the meantime it was Caroline's birthday. We managed to have a little celebration with cupcakes and a present. Thank you Dad and Sue for doing that for her.
There was a certain doll that Caroline really wanted. She drove me crazy every time she saw a commercial for it. "I want that swimming baby." That is what she got from her big sister.
Sunday morning we went to church and then at noon it was time to get ready again! It was Recital Night 2. She was in the opener, ballet, tap, and the finale. I think the whole show lasted about 3 hours that night. Kayla did a great job. She was really upset about making a small mistake in her tap dance. She has never messed up in recital before. I honestly don't know how she did as well as she did. The girl next to her in tap was very spastic. She was all over the place and kept running into Kayla. I am not sure how Kayla could concentrate on her own dancing, but she did a great job.
No recital is complete without flowers from daddy!
Good job, Kayla!


Brandy said...

she looks so pretty! you should let her wear that much makeup all the time.

Happy birthday caroline!

darlene said...

Love the post. The pictures are wonderful and you shared the story of the weekend very well.

Busy but fun!

Jenny said...

You can tell how excited Caroline is about getting that doll!

Glad your recitals all went well. Can't imagine all the work that goes into it.