Monday, June 15, 2009

First Day of Swim Lessons

Yes, I know, these are terrible pictures. It is all I have. We were running a little late and things were very chaotic.

Today was the first day of swim lessons. Here are both girls before we went in. Caroline refused to look at me. Typical 3 year old behavior! Her lesson was first. When you go in the kids line up along a wall with their towel. Caroline got in line, but she had absolutely no clue what was going on. I tried explaining swim lessons to her. I am pretty sure she still thought that the two of us were going swimming. Here she is in line. Sorry for the blurry pic!

There were 3 girls and 2 boys. There were 3 teachers that I knew of, but Kayla told me there were 5. Anyway, Caroline would have been fine if it were not for her sister. Kayla kept going up to her and asking "Are you ok? Are you scared?" I got really frustrated because Caroline did not know there was a reason to be scared. So she kept getting out of line and coming over to me, whimpering but not crying. I just put her back in line. She went right in with the teacher when it was time to go. Parents do not get to watch until the last lesson.

It was a long 45 minute wait for me. I wanted to know what they were doing. When Caroline came out she had a blank expression on her face. Here was the descriptive and informative conversation that took place:

Mom: "Caroline, how were swim lessons?"
Caroline: "Good."
Mom: "What did you do?"
Carolne: "I swimmed"

That was about it. She did tell me that she blew bubbles. She told me she did not put her head under the water, but her entire head was soaked when she came out. A friend said "Maybe SHE did not put her head under..." The true test will be what happens tomorrow when it is time to go back.

Not to leave Kayla out, she said her lessons went well. She said only 2 kids got to play in the deep end during free-play and she was one of them. That made her day. That is about all I was able to get out of her.

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darlene said...

Swim lessons are very important so I'm glad the girls are going. Caroline is fine -- even if you can't see her. Love the pictures and don't think they are that blurry. :-)