Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Potty Training

I love potty training. There is a reason I have waited so long to get Caroline out of diapers. She has done really well - when we remember to put her in panties. But here is what just happened.

I am sitting in the kitchen and Caroline walks in with something in her hand. She says "Mommy, here is some more poo-poo." I tell her to go put it in the potty and we get her cleaned up and wash her hands. The whole time we are washing her hands she is saying "I like princesses, not poo-poo."

I have to say I feel the same way. Now it is time to go clean her rug...YUCK!


Amy and Steve said...

I agree - princesses are much better! Good job, princess Caroline!

darlene said...

What a funny story. I can just see her as she tells you. Good job and the hard part is almost over.

Sheila said...

lol! Oh my - that cracked me up!! Definetly a story to remember. I guess you didn't take pics so you could do a scrapbook page on it, huh?